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Marc Yor's publications


Marc Yor defended his PhD thesis in 1976. His advisor was Pierre Priouret.

A scanned copy of the phd thesis can be downloaded

"Testament scientifique et documents de synthése"

Marc a rédigé plusieurs documents qu'il considérait comme son testament scientifique

Version manuscrites d'articles

Marc a gardé des versions manuscrites de ses articles. Nous en présentons quelques unes

Notes, lectures

* Osaka lectures, 99, enlargement of filtration Enlargement of filtration

* Grossissement initial Journal

* Sept questions ouvertes sur les filtrations Sept questions ouvertes sur les filtrations

Some facts

Marc was writing mathematics on any piece of paper, and was keeping that

* On a Marseille's subway ticket Ticket de métro

* on a newspaper Journal

* Marc was willing, when he was young, to become a captain on merchant navy Un drole de capitaine

Marc was writing Haiku Haiku

* University Pierre et Marie Curie UPMC

* Zhan Shi Z. Shi

* Jim Pitman J. Pitman


* Angers Angers

* Marc decembre2009 Marc

* Sydney Sydney

* Aleatoirix Dessin d' Iréne Klein

The peacock , dessins d Iréne Klein

  • The peacock and the mathematician I. Klein
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