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 **__Exposés de l'​année 2019__ :** **__Exposés de l'​année 2019__ :**
 +**17 octobre à 14h00 :** <color #088A85> Alexandre Veretennikov</​color> ​ (University of Leeds) ​ //  On McKean-Vlasov stochastic equations//
 +++ Voir résumé |  \\Weak existence will be shown for a class of McKean-Vlasov equations. Specifically results will be presented on: (a) existence for bounded Borel coefficients with non-degenerate diffusion (the class of coefficients is a bit wider than the standard linear coefficient dependence of the measure); (b) existence for unbounded Borel coefficients under linear growth given that for bounded ones existence is known; (c) existence for non-symmetric (& still non-degenerate) diffusions. In addition some results on strong existence and on weak and strong uniqueness will be stated.
 **2 octobre à 14h00 :** <color #088A85> Sergio Pulido Nino </​color> ​ (ENSIIE/​LaMME) ​ //  Stochastic Volterra equations// **2 octobre à 14h00 :** <color #088A85> Sergio Pulido Nino </​color> ​ (ENSIIE/​LaMME) ​ //  Stochastic Volterra equations//
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