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Help PVALUEdmm

This program is dedicated to the computation of pvalue of words. It needs a markov file generated by Spatt(*). Results are given at this order:

Word Nobs Expectation - log(P(N>Nobs) P(N>Nobs) if Nobs>=E(N)
Word Nobs Expectation +log(P(N<Nobs) P(N<Nobs) if Nobs<E(N)

Description of parameters

-w <word> Word to studied.

-c <Nobs>=0> Number of occurrences of word.

-a <alphabet_file> A file describing the alphabet to use.

-m <markov_file> Markov_file of xspatt program.

-SpM Estimation by splines (global).

-Spl Estimation by splines (basis functions).

-SpH Estimation by splines (no basis functions).

-Poly Estimation by polynom (stochastic matrices).

-PolyM Estimation by polynom (no stochastic matrices).

-cf <config_file> DMM is given by the config_file.

-h Print this help.


 PVALUEdmm -w gc -c 45 -a dna.alpha -m gc.markov -Poly -cf config.out
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