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A Fast Unbiased and Exact Allelic Test

The Fast Unbiased and Exact Allelic Test is dedicated to case-control association studies using bi-allelic markers. Since the allelic test as it is classically performed via Chi-square or Fischer-exact tests, introduce a bias that results in putative false predictions, we developped this test as an efficient alternative. It computes an unbiased and exact p-value. Fast (due to a clever implementation) and availbable under different versions, this test is convenient for any use.


  • A Fast, Unbiased and Exact Allelic Test for case-control association studies. Guedj, Wojcik et al. Human Heredity. 2006. 61: 210-221. abstract


  • Which alternative to the biased allelic test in case-control association studies. Guedj, Della-Chiesa et al. IGES 2006, Tampa (USA). pdf

The allelic.exact.test is a production of Serono.

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