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Margot Correa

Ingénieur d'Étude (CNRS)
Université d'Évry Val d'Essonne
Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Modélisation d'Évry (UMR CNRS 8071)
I.B.G.B.I., 23 Bd. de France, 91037 Évry Cedex
☎ +33 (0) 1 64 64 85 34 51
📠 +33 1 64 85 36 01

Research Interest

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Gene duplication, Transposable Elements, Evolution


Early allopolyploid evolution in the post-neolithic Brassica napus oilseed genome (2014).
Chaloub, B. and Denoeud, F. and Liu, S. and Parkin, S. and Tang, H. and X., Wang and J., Chiquet and H., Belcram and C., Tong and B., Samans and Correa, 72 more, et al.
Science Vol. 345 pp. 950-953

The banana (Musa acuminata) genome and the evolution of monocotyledonous plants (2012).
D'Hont, A and Denoeud, F. and Aury, JM. and Baurens, FC. and Carreel, F. and Garsmeur, O. and Noel, B. and Bocs, S. and Droc, G. and Rouard, M. and Da Silva, C. and Jabbari, K. and Cardi, C. and Poulain, J. and Souquet, M. and Labadie, K. and Jourda, C. and Lengellé, J. and Roudier-Goud, M. and Alberti, A. and Bernard, M. and Correa, 42 more, et al.
Nature Vol. 488 pp. 213-214

Systematic Bioinformatics and Experimental Validation of Yeast Complexes Reduces the Rate of Attrition during Structural Investigations (2009).
Brooks, M. and Gewartowski, K. and Mitsiki, E. and Létoquart, J. and A.Pache, R. and Billier, Y. and Bertero, M. and Correa, 15 more, et al.
Cell Vol. 18 pp. 1075-1082

A new advance in alternative splicing databases: from catalogue to detailed analysis of regulation of expression and function of human alternative splicing variants (2007).
De la Grange, P. and Dutertre, M. and Correa M. and Auboeuf D.
BMC Bioinformatics Vol. 8 pp. 180

Oral communications, seminars and posters

Poster Presentations
June 2016 : JOBIM, Lyon, France
April 2016 : ICTE, Saint Malo, France
November 2015 : Statistical Analysis of Massive Genomic Data Conference, Évry, France

Oral Presentations
February 2017 : ALPHY, Lyon, France - Correa M., Dalmasso C., Lerat E. and Rizzon C.. Influence of transposable elements on the fate of duplicate genes in human

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