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BIBS : Statistical Analysis of Microarray


Lecture Slides
Technology, Normalization, Descriptive statistics Introduction , Normalisation, Stat. des., R Cheat sheet ,
Hypothesis Testing, Clustering Slides of S. Robin


We consider two well known data sets in the microarray literature: the colon data analyzed initially by Alon et al. and the leukemia data first analyzed in Golub et al. (5). Both data sets consist of absolute measurements from Affymetrix oligonucleotide arrays: the first contains n = 62 tissue samples on p = 2,000 human gene expressions (40 tumors and 22 normal tissues)

(a) Find the first 20 genes which are differentially expressed ?

(b) Cluster the samples into two group (using the 20 differentially expressed genes of question (a). Comment.


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