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MixNet software: I/O specification

Please read the man page for a complete description of the software use.
The following description is nothing but a brief summary of the software I/O specifications.


  • a .spm file containing the network as a sparse matrix, with the following format (the first is for the source nodes):

id_node1 id_node_2
id_node1 id_node_3
id_node2 id_node_1

NB: no space allowed for the id_nodes.

  • please notice that you have to specify whether:
    1. the network is directed (default) or undirected
    2. a loop from a vertex to itself must be taken into account (or not (default))

Output (in the input directory or in another specified directory)

  • .model files for each selected number of classes

# Q
# Alpha:
0.962887 0.0371128
# Pi
0.00200899 0.00542596
7.11172e-05 0.000187875
# Incomplete Likelihood Approximation
# Entropy
# Tau:
id_node1 0.85 0.15
id_node2 0.947536 0.0524638

  • a .likelihoods file containing a summary of the likelihoods, entropies and ICL

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