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This work results from a collaboration in the Statistics for Systems Biology group between


We present a software package based on a new probabilistic model for random graphs called MixNet (Erdös-Renyi Mixture for Networks). This model is based on the hypothesis that real networks are made of classes which show specific connectivity patterns. We compute algorithms to estimate the model's parameters as well as a statistical criterion ICL to select the number of classes.

Examples on biological networks

We analysed various biological networks and summarize the results here.

The MixNet software package

  • The package is written in ANSI C++ and developed on x86 GNU/Linux systems with GCC 4.1.3 It has been successfully tested on Apple Mac OS X.
  • Compilation and installation are compliant with the GNU standard procedure.

Running the command line programs

The MixNet package provides two programs :

  • mixnet implements the variationnal EM algorithm for directed and undirected networks
  • mixneto implements various on-line algorithms for large undirected networks

Read their I/O specifications.

A short practise is also available.

Downloading the latest release

Using the R bindings called Mixer

The Mixer R package allows the use of the basical options of MixNet software and the post-treatment of the results. It is available at the CRAN.

Bugs and Feedback - Contact

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