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This program implements the variationnal EM algorithm for directed and undirected networks.

Running mixnet

mixnet -q <int> -Q <int> <filename.spm> [options]

Main options are:

  • - -undirected : Specifies that the network is undirected
  • - -improve : Performs improvements of unsatisfying models

For a complete options list:

mixnet -h man mixnet

Post-treating the results

MixNet provides two Perl programs:

  • mixnet-cl c From a MixNet .model file, displays the class of each nodel and creates file for Cytoscape
  • mixnet-sim From a MixNet .model file, simulate a network

Reading the pdf documentation

A short practice


[1] Daudin J.J, Picard F, Robin S, A mixture model for random graphs, Rapport INRIA n°5840, 2006 .

[2] M.Mariadassou , J.J.Daudin, V.Lacroix, V.Miele, F.Picard, S.Robin, M.F.Sagot, Uncovering structure in biological networks, RIAMS, 2006.

[3] Daudin, J.-J., Picard, F.Robin, S., Mixture model for random graphs, Statistics and Computing, 2008.

[4] Picard F, Miele.V., Daudin J.J, Robin S, Deciphering the connectivity structure of biological networks using MixNet, BMC Bioinformatics, 2009

Project Team

  • Statisticians: Jean-Jacques Daudin, Franck Picard, Stéphane Robin.
  • Developers: Mark Hoebeke, Vincent Miele.

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