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Local High-scoring Segments for Association

LHiSA is an algorithm dedicated to large-scale association studies which aims to identify segments of genome involved in a disease. It is based on Local Score statistic and an automatic selection of the significant segments. Our algorithm is fast and available under different versions:

  • LHiSA in R (last modification: 07/05/08) » work for any type of genetic data and sequences of random variables, handle more than one population.
  • LHiSA in C++ / help » work for case-control data (based on the genotypic chi-square test) or sequences of random variables.


  • Detecting local high-scoring segments: a first-stage approach for genome-wide association studies. Guedj, Robelin et al. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. 2006. 5: Article 22. abstract


  • Catching Local Replications: a Local Score-based approach to replicated association studies. Guedj, Wojcik et al. IGES 2006, York (UK). slides


  • Local Score Statistic : application to large-scale association studies. Guedj, Robelin et al. IGES 2005, Park City (USA). pdf

This work is the result of a collaboration between the Statistique et Génome lab' and Serono.

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