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Programming for Genomics

M2 ISG, 2015-2016

Introductory slides


Date Title Materials
11/19 Data structures in R, by Julien Chiquet see J. Chiquet's page
11/27 Naive approaches to segmentation (zipped) .Rmd; .pdf
12/04 Segmentation by dynamic programming 1 .pdf; R code
12/11 Advanced R programming J. Chiquet's slides; Slides by D. Eddelbuettel
12/11 Segmentation by dynamic programming 2 Questions; Solutions; Source files
12/18 Recursive binary segmentation + fused lasso No notes available
12/18 Reproducible research in genomics Introduction (pdf); Slides from K. Baggerly; Recent news on the "Duke saga"
01/08 Exam (1:00 PM-3:00 PM)

Some topics covered:

  • Computational/statistical tradeoffs when implementing statistical methods for genomic applications
  • Reproducible research
  • Interfacing R code with C++

R package repositories dedicated to genomics:

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